El Shaddai! That is one of the name’s of God but what does it mean. He is the God of the Supernatural! When Moses passed through the Red Sea on dry ground, that was El Shaddai that did that. When Balaam’s donkey spoke to him to warn him of the Angel of the Lord, El Shaddai did that. El Shaddai is a name given to the attribute of God that speaks of His supernatural power. The power that cannot be challenged and is not challenged by the boundaries of the natural world.

El Shaddai! That’s the name of the God that I need in my life, because sometimes it feels as if I need supernatural assistance – help that does not have to remain within the boundaries of time, space, and matter. Luckily my Dad is not a God bound by this earth or the circumstances in it. Jehovah is a God that sees brokenness and steps up to the plate to perform the miracles… to restore what’s been lost, to renew that which has grown old, and to move heaven and earth to redeem what’s been stolen. When this world says no, God says yes. When reality says never, God says not so fast. Been told lately that you were born that way? God says, “I know exactly how you were born because I made you – I can renew”. Been told lately that you will never… God says “I know the future and you will.” Have you been told that you can’t be healed? Ask the Great Physician – He still heals.

You see I believe that God is a God of impossibilities made possible. Fears turn to faith. Hopelessness turns to rays of hope. If we live in the realm of what we see, then we will miss the fantastic opportunities of the unseen. You see for many years I asked God to free me from sexual addiction and desires that were not His best for me. I had begun losing all hope and had even began to feel that He was wrong and that what I thought He promised in His Word was not for me. Then I met El Shaddai first hand. He met me right where I was, no condemnation, no shame, no demands to “change or else”. He offered me His supernatural love and His ever changing hope. Time stood still… hope restored… life rearranged… He did all that just for me. He can do it for you too, no matter your circumstance or your brokenness.

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