Why Me?

Are you struggling with same-sex attraction?  Do you question whether you were born gay or not? Are you angry at God for allowing you to have these feelings towards other men?

These are just some of the questions that may come up in your mind on your journey in or out of homosexuality. Homosexuality is a choice, but before you leave this site, never to return, I want to add, that it does not feel like a choice. Feeling gay is one of the most difficult struggles in our society, our world today. On one hand, you may want to honor God’s standard for relationships and be married to a woman one day, have a family, enjoy intimacy with a woman and have a “normal” life. However, on the other hand, there is a constant struggle to not look at another man in lust, or a struggle not to visit the local park, bathroom, or bar to find anonymous sex or a one night stand. This struggle can lead to despair, lack of hope, and incredible frustration. It may even lead to a decision to make a choice… because it is too hard not to.  This choice may be “I must have been born gay” or “Well, God must have made me this way”, simply because the fight to find the freedom that God has in store for you just becomes too hard.

There is hope!

Even though the struggle is a hard one, the truth is that you can find freedom. When you realize the things you are losing in homosexuality, the truth about your identity, the identity that God gave you, not to mention God’s best, then the struggle lessens. The unfortunate lie about being gay, is that it is based upon a recipe of lust, rejection, abandonment, and idolatry. This combination leads a man down a road of promiscuity, anonymity, loneliness, and hopelessness because what he is looking for is love, security, and commitment, something that will never be found in the gay lifestyle.